Beginnings of a new Audiobook released! I’m happy to announce that the first book readings from my new work ‘The Diary of Otto Kandinsky’ are now available to Patrons of the Heavenfied! ‘The Diary of Otto Kandinsky’ is a short collection of journal entries from a young soldier, recruited to […]

So many people have asked for the sequel in audiobook format that I knew it was time that I had to ask for your help. The Heavenfield has grown so large now that I don’t have the resources to work on all the different projects, like the sequel audiobook, and […]

e-Books released I’m happy to announce that The Dead Man’s Feast is now available in e-Book format for only £1.99! The e-book is a web-based reader that you can use on your Desktop / smartphone / ipad etc. – so now you can read the story wherever you are! You […]

Hi, The Fortress section of the website holds all the links to the apps and bonus contents you have unlocked on the Heavenfield website. This picture is how it will look when I’ve completed some of the current areas I’m working on. The nearest to completion are the Dead Man’s […]

Hi! This is the third and final (possibly!) competition in the run-up to The Dead Man’s Feast Launch Day on 5/5/15! We’ve had a chance to win a signed copy of the Heavenfield in Hardcover, then last week Shane won THREE 18″ x 12″ art prints worth £50! But this […]

Counting down to Launch Day! Today I’ve released a short trailer for The Dead Man’s Feast. It’s a reading of the Prologue of the story, and I’ve treated it as I would the audiobook version, with lots of unsettling sound effects – I hope you enjoy it! I’ve had lots […]

Less than a Month to go until Launch Day! But, if you’re like me and can’t wait a moment past Launch Day on the 5/5/15, then you’ll be happy to hear about this offer! Pre-Order now and we’ll aim to deliver it to your door on the official release date! […]

Hello! During the run-up to the launch of the Heavenfield sequel I’ll be running some competitions to win some fab Heavenfield prizes! Last week was the chance to win a signed copy of the Heavenfield in Hardcover, while this week you can win THREE 18″ x 12″ art prints featuring […]