The Dead Man's Feast

AUDIOBOOK RELEASE - Episode 22 - At the Gates of Hell.

A new episode of The Dead Man's Feast is now available to all $2+ Patrons of the Heavenfield!


We're almost into the final countdown with 22 episodes out of 25 - after this one we’re into the final three!

I hope you’ve enjoyed listening so far, it’s been really interesting for me to step back and go through the story - gives me a few ideas for continuing the series!

Episode 22 - At the the Gates of Hell

Previously... Thomas is still trapped on the highest tower of the Dead City, his consciousness manifesting itself within the Heavenfield, forming a bridge into the everyday world. Grace and her team have been split apart as they attempt to reach the tower before it is consumed by a gathering storm. Meanwhile, the battle beyond the walls takes a turn for the worse for Colonel Boynes, as Speers takes the opportunity to attack the Divinity while it is at its weakest...

I’d forgotten how much the story jumps along in different streams the more it goes along - I hope you can keep up with it - I bet it would make a dizzying film to watch! 😉

As always, thank you for your ongoing support.

All the best,

p.s. I’ve been a bit side-tracked from starting the audiobook of INTO THE FIRE, as I’ve had some more inspiration for writing. I was copying up the LUMINA book 2 and it felt as though there was a story waiting to be told in between these books. So I’ve made a good start and hope to make some headway with it throughout the week. It’s a real pleasure to write these stories - just pure escapism and great fun.

But, the next big thing on my to-do list is to start recording INTO THE FIRE, and I’ll release it to Patrons like the others in a pre-release version.

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