Audiobook release – Episode 25

Jan 27, 2020 | Audiobook, HEAVENFIELD, News, Patreon

The Dead Man's Feast

AUDIOBOOK RELEASE - Episode 25 - A Leap of Faith.

A new episode of The Dead Man's Feast is now available to all $2+ Patrons of the Heavenfield!

Previously... In a desperate attempt to evade the approaching demons, Dave Burns leaps from the tower carrying Thomas and finds himself back in the Accelerator Array at Maunsworth. But Grace, upon interrogating Saul Davisson, discovers the terrible truth that all along she may have made a mistake as to the identity of a monster...


The FINAL episode of The Dead Man's Feast is here!

I hope that you have enjoyed listening to the audiobook over the past months. It's been a real pleasure to go back and revisit the story, which I started only a couple of months after my little daughter was born (she's just had her tenth birthday!).

I've been stuck in the 'story tunnel', writing another book for the LUMINA series over the last month, so everything outside of the novels I'm working on has been a bit of a blur, but I'm through and out of the other end now, a little dazed, but looking forward to going through everything I have written.

So, I hope to start work on the INTO THE FIRE audiobook in the next week or so, and release that to patrons next.

As always, thank you so much for your ongoing support!

All the best,

You can listen to The Dead Man's Feast here:

Click here to listen to The Dead Man's Feast.

The audiobook release will be available exclusively to Patrons of the Heavenfield.

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