The Heavenfield Audiobook – Dramatised Edition


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01 -- A Light In The Dark

An audio recording from the Hayden Hill Research Facility...


During a ground-breaking experiment into 'Standing Point' technology, things go terribly wrong when a scientist spies a girl in the experiment Chamber. As the pressure runs dangerously out of control, and shortly before the signal is cut dead, an inhuman cry is an ominous omen of things to come...

A Light In The Dark
Duration: 36min 01s

02 -- Heaven Decays

Professor Keith Lambert has been assassinated in baffling circumstances.

The killers entered his hotel room and then disappeared without a trace.

Meanwhile, the expedition led by Saul Davisson travels through into the Heavenfield. But back at the Maunsworth Research Facility, Grace Palmer has her suspicions about the welfare of Pattie Harvey – one of the expedition team in the Field.

The man Pattie has recently met, Alex, meets with Dragor Millovich, and tells of how he is manipulating and conditioning Pattie with mind-altering drugs.

Out in the Heavenfield, Pattie spies an apple tree. Without thinking, she releases the safety bolts on her helmet and opens her visor to the Heavenfield's unknown atmosphere...

Heaven Decays
Duration: 22min 54s

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