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UPDATE 18th APRIL 2018: Release Week Four: Three more episodes are now available!

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UPDATE 18th APRIL 2018: Release Week Four: Three more episodes are now available!

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About The Diary of Otto Kandinsky

The Diary of Otto Kandinsky is a companion novel to the Heavenfield series, written as a series of journal entries from a young soldier, recruited into the Exile forces several years before the events of the first book. It charts his training to survive within the hostile environment of the Field, and his selection to become a member of the notorious Wraith squads, tasked with the assassination of key figures around the globe.

Later in his service Otto would become a Commander of an armoured fighting unit and see action in all the major military engagements leading up to the inception of the Final War. Wounded at the battle to hold the American Entry-Point around Fort Caulder, Kandinsky would later take part in the Battle of Maunsworth Field, where he would defend U.S forces retreating from the Demon hordes.

Learn more about Otto Kandinsky in the Datavault.



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  1. I am excited and bummed for the Otto story to end.

    • Yeah, I think I’m a bit the same! I seem to be dragging out the editing of the last episode – I keep working on it but I just can’t seem to bring myself to finish it! I’ve already re-recorded it twice!

      But I am really pleased with the way the story has turned out in the end, and I am excited to get stuck into the recording of The Dead Man’s Feast.

      I’m going to to a bit more editing to the final chapter now – hopefully I’ll get it released in the next few days!

      I G

  2. Jennifer Perkins

    OMG…. just binge listened to the Otto I’ve been away from for TOO long. I’m back on track and now craving a new episode even worse than before. Every time I start to get a vision of where the story might be headed, it changes in front of my eyes, just as if the Heavenfield has twisted it and me along with it.

    I’ve so missed the Holy Land, and now I’m back and fully immersed again, but you never do truly leave it, do you.

    • Jennifer – how great to hear from you! Glad to hear that you’re back, and hope that you are keeping well.

      I’m doing exactly the same at the moment – going through all the episodes from the beginning again. The story keeps surprising me too!
      You’ll be glad to hear that I’m sat in front of my microphone right now, ready to record the next episode!

      Thanks for your kind words Jennifer.

      I G

  3. Going early to bed tonight for some high quality pre-sleep sensation. Tnx for ep. 15.

    • Enjoy! Let me know if you get some weird dreams out of it!! 😉

  4. Thomo

    Loving how the story is going! Thanks I G!

    • Glad you’re enjoying the story! 🙂

  5. Jennifer Perkins

    Crap…… LMBO

    • Haha, I just read this first post, and for a moment thought somebody didn’t like the story! 😉

      Great to hear that you’re enjoying it though Jennifer. I agree with what you say about how personal Otto’s experience of the Heavenfield is. I think that’s the feeling I wanted to achieve really – that sense of somebody struggling to come to terms with a reality that has rules we don’t understand.

      I had my own binge-listen myself when I was making up this new web-page, and I think I’ll go back and remaster some of the earlier episodes, and maybe join the smaller entries together to make the lengths a bit more consistent. Now that I’m getting back into my stride with the audio production, I think I could make the soundtrack a bit better for the early chapters. I was really pleased how the last couple of entries sounded, and 7.1 especially – I think that one’s quite dramatic.

      There have been some moments while writing these stories that have really surprised me, and I always like that; I feel like I’m reading them as I’m writing if you know what I mean; I always think of myself as the Heavenfield’s biggest fan!

      I’m just editing the narration of 7.2 now, so hopefully that should be out soon.

      Best wishes,
      I G

  6. Jennifer Perkins

    Meant for the above to be here. I’m loving how personal and up close Otto brings us to the Heavenfield. We get to experience it and that is what makes this audiobook unique. I’m excited to see where we go from here.

    I’m enjoying it so much!

  7. Jennifer Perkins

    All the episodes are incredible and 7.1 was awesome with the pictures it gives I’m gonna have to listen again… I.G. this is brilliant work and your voice has this stacatto to it that is mesmerizing in its own right.

    Just love the Holy Land and Otto’s story.

  8. Jennifer Perkins

    I was supposed to be in bed ASLEEP over an hour ago, but I just did an Otto mini binge. I have 7.1 to listen to but I must go to bed…. First thing in the a.m.

    • Haha, sorry to keep you awake Jennifer – normally people tell me my voice sends them to sleep! 😉
      Glad you are enjoying the story; I think it’s starting to go off in some interesting directions in the chapters I’m writing at the moment.
      Many thanks,
      I G

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