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The Diary of Otto Kandinsky by I.G. Hulme

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The Diary of Otto Kandinsky by I.G. Hulme

00 -- Opening Credits

The Diary of Otto Kandinsky - a companion novel to the Heavenfield series - written and narrated by I G Hulme.

Opening Credits

Duration: 28s
The Diary of Otto Kandinsky by I.G. Hulme

01 -- Recruitment

I have managed to steal this small notebook and have determined that I will write down a journal of the events that have befallen myself and my fellow comrades, in the vain hope I suppose that some day these words may be read, and the world discover some of the amazing secrets it holds hidden.


Though I don’t suppose anyone would view what I have to say as more than the fevered ramblings of a madman. But this is the truth - and though it may seem as though I describe the workings of a dream, I can only say that it is a dream from which I have yet to awake. And besides that it is more of a nightmare I inhabit.


My name is Otto Kandinsky, and if anyone should ever discover this book, then please, I implore you to find a way to contact my family to let them know of the incredible fate which has befallen me. Please contact [name and address omitted]. If you ever
read this my Mother and Father, know that I love you and think of you always through this hell that I have been caught up in...

Episode 1 - Recruitment

Duration: 21min 52s
The Diary of Otto Kandinsky by I.G. Hulme

02 -- Chosen

What a change in fortune can be had within a single day! This morning (or evening, for I have no concept of time in this dark cell) I was near the end of hope. I had awakened in darkness to the most terrifying noise - a deep subterranean rumble that
shook the walls and threatened to drive me mad with fear. And then, as quickly as it had begun the noise had ceased and I was left in my solitude. I felt so bereft I actually began to contemplate taking my own life.


And then I had the visitation that changed everything. A man, old with a shock of white hair and beard opened the door to my cell. I can still remember how he stood before me, silent and unmoving. His eyes bore into me and then would dart away as
if following things unseen. That old man seemed to look deep within me, with a force I have never felt before.


“I am Doctor Albrecht Henschel,” he said to me, finally breaking the long silence. Then he spoke again, and I will never forget his words: “We are chosen, you and I. Chosen. For all your life you have pondered your existence, asked for meaning.
Well, we have been blessed, for we have been shown meaning - we can from this moment live our lives with purpose. We are protectors of existence - of all life. Come with me friend, and I will show you the Truth.”


Duration: 35min 29s
The Diary of Otto Kandinsky by I.G. Hulme

03 -- Maia Part 1

 Well, so much for Doctor Henschel’s words - how I was swept up with his promises! Any illusion that we ‘The Chosen’ might be rewarded an easy life was soon swept away.
From the first day of leaving my cell I have been put to work as a common labourer. We have endured fourteen hour shifts without break - pouring concrete, breaking rocks, hauling building materials and tunnelling - endless tunnelling. And though the never-ending routine of the last few back-breaking weeks may have disheartened my comrades, I am still convinced I made the right decision when I followed Henschel
through that Gateway. So I do not complain - not like that coward Rusayev - I don’t know why he agreed to work, but somehow he was convinced (though like the others he would not speak of his encounter with Doctor Henschel). For a year he made my life a misery at the Military Academy - what ill-fate that I am to be stuck with him here.


But I digress. The weeks have passed like a blur - I fall onto my bed each night exhausted, and it is only now, on our first rest day that I have summoned the energy to write. I am exhausted - as I said , we have been put to work like animals, but each of us works of our own accord - for another chance to see the land of the Holy Ones. Each day we get to pass through the Gateway, and each day as we stagger on weary to our place of work, I catch a glimpse of that world in all its heart-stopping beauty. Every day the view seems to have shifted subtly, to have changed before my eyes into ever-more graceful and wondrous shapes.


So, for this beautiful Land I work, I dig, I carry - to protect this fragile world...

Maia Part 1

Duration: 35min 29s


The Diary of Otto Kandinsky is a companion novel to the Heavenfield series, and takes the form of a series of journal entries from a young soldier, recruited to the Exile cause.

Set in the times before the first Heavenfield novel, when the Exiles built their Fortress and began to build up their fighting strength, it follows Otto through his training to become a member of the notorious Wraith squads, messianic warriors tasked with assassinating key figures around the globe in an attempt to put a stop to all Heavenfield research.

The Diary of Otto Kandinsky by I.G. Hulme
The Diary of Otto Kandinsky by I.G. Hulme


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The Diary of Otto Kandinsky

Kidnapped and forced to fight...

An unwilling soldier caught in a desperate war in the shadows.

Fighting an enemy they can never hope to defeat...

The Diary of Otto Kandinsky is a companion novel to the Heavenfield series, charting events before and up to the end of the first novel. As such, it can be enjoyed as part of the series or as a stand-alone story.

Otto is recruited to the Exiles as an unwilling fighter, his loyalty to the "Holy Land" keeping him in the struggle against ever-stronger forces that assail them.

He witnesses every horror the Heavenfield can produce, from the ghosts that prey upon the unwary in the shadows of the Great Ruins to the Cold Ones, immense creatures of nightmare shapes that stalk the Ghost fields feeding upon the fallen...

A companion story to the acclaimed Heavenfield series.

Contains: Violence, horror, mild drug reference, strong language.

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