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01 -- Homecoming

Maia Swanne is excited to be returning to the capital city, after almost ten years spent in the Provinces.

But unknown to Maia, her father fears the real reason for his summons by the Red Queen...

Duration: 21min 25s

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The Ruby House - The first book in the Circle of Souls.

The Circle of Souls series is a tale of magic and adventure set in the kingdom of Heldrassë.

The reign of Queen Sofia Bluddë is coming to an end as her health fails, and the Great Houses scheme in the shadows, bringing the kingdom to the brink of civil war.

Duke Ferdinand Swanne, Lord of House Emerald returns to the capital with his daughter Maia, to find the courts filled with whispers and discontent. As Maia begins her first term amongst the other sons and daughters of the noble houses, she uncovers a world of forbidden histories, and tales of magic long-suppressed.

When the gruesome Madame Gourgonne becomes their royal tutor, things quickly get out of hand, and Maia and her dearest friend Prince Erebus, heir to the throne, become entwined in a story of murder and deceit that spans lifetimes.

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