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Sally Aimes


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Sally Aimes worked at Maunsworth Research Facility at the beginning of the Standing-Point Project.

She was abducted by the Exile operative Alexi, and put through a process of conditioning using a cocktail of drugs, as part of a sabotage attempt upon the Project.

The Exiles were aware that if a person fixated upon a thought or object within the Field, in extreme cases it could lead to the creation of a physical manifestation. Glimpses as the object grew would feed the process in a dangerous and destructive mental feedback loop.

They intended to use this effect by conditioning Aimes to cause damage to the project when she next went into the Field.

Unfortunately for Alexi she proved resistant to the process and escaped. He barely caught her before she could alert the authorities, and he was forced to kill her.

Alexi was to repeat the process to devastating effect upon Patricia Harvey. [see Patricia Harvey]

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