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Pattie Harvey


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Brought in to the Standing Point team to create a pictorial record of the expeditions when photographic equipment proved incapable of withstanding the transition into the Field. Instead, Pattie, who came from a background of drawing records for archaeological digs, found herself sketching a diary of the expedition and their finds. Using a process of etching onto carbon-coated plates, many of her works survive as the only visual record of the expeditions into the Heavenfield.

Although many were killed in the sabotage of Hayden Hill, Pattie was the first member of The Heavenfield Project to lose her life within the Field.

Details of research performed upon Pattie’s cadaver were discovered in the notorious ‘Black Files’, a Top Secret dossier on the Heavenfield. The files details an astonishing story of violence, misinformation and subterfuge, and act as a reminder of the dark days of the Heavenfield Project.

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