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George Speers


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Speers was a mysterious character heading up a team from a secret American Agency, set up to gather information on Standing-Point Technologies and assess the threat it posed. Going beyond his authority, Speers abused his power in an attempt to follow his paranoid obsessions and prove that the British Project was the greatest threat to American National Security.

As events unfolded it was discovered that Speers was under the influence of the Demon Sheol.

When American forces entered the Heavenfield, Speers made off with his flagship, The Herald, taking its crew to join the Demon forces that marched upon the Maunsworth Entry-Point.

After the ensuing battle, Speers escaped, driven into the unknown reaches of the Field.

Warped by Sheol and the Heavenfield, Speers became warped, merged with his ship, and is now barely recognisable as human [see Demons – Speers].

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