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A Swift is the common term for a bipedal, flightless form of the Winged Demon.

First encountered when a group were born from the blood of an X-Class Demon during the Battle of Maunsworth Field. The act of destroying a ghost or demon can often be more dangerous than the entity itself. Sometimes huge amounts of latent energy can be released by a dying creature, often with unpredictable results. Such was the case during the Battle of Maunsworth Field, when a Demon was brought down by concentrated fire from the defending forces.

It’s death-throes gave birth to an even stronger Demon, which came close to reaching the Maunsworth Entry-Point. Only direct intervention of General Boynes’ Flagship succeeded in bringing it down. During the battle, the falling blood of this entity gave birth to a host of lesser demons. Wherever a drop of blood fell, a creature would rise up from the red earth. Dubbed ‘Swift’ by the troops, these creatures stand four or five feet tall, and are extremely fast and agile. Their mandibles are razor-sharp, and their barbed tails can slice open an environment suit with ease.

Most Swifts were either destroyed at the Battle, or fled into the caves around the Entry-Point.

It is thought that the Winged Demons inhabiting the caverns around Maunsworth could be descendants of these creatures.

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