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view Victor Lammb

Head of Lammb Industries, a Multi-National Defence Contractor with a virtual monopoly on Field Technologies.

view War Artists

Due to the lack of photographic records, an attempt was made to catalogue expeditions into the Field by any means available. The earliest visual records were created by Patricia Harvey, a reference artist from an archaeological background. Her series

view Williams' Airbase

Williams' Airbase was the second-largest of the U.S. Accelerator Arrays, and along with Fort Caulder and Devil's Rock Research Labora

view Winged Demon

Winged Demons are bipedal creatures thought to be related to, or mutations of the Swifts, first encountered at the Battle of Maunsworth Field.

view Wraiths

An elite Exile fighting force, set up by Dr. Henschel to infiltrate and assassinate.

view Wreck of the Divinity

At the end of the Battle of Maunsworth Field all the military hardware of the Americans and Exiles was abandoned, as troops were evacuated back through a failing Entry-Point. The hulks of the vehicles were left to rust in the harsh atmosphere of the He

view Yuri Antonov

Part of an Exile Kill Squad that assassinated Professor Keith Lambert.



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