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view 15th Armoured Company <p>The American 15th Armoured Co. was formed specifically in response to the acquirement of several new forms of armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs), and the unique environment they would be required to operate within.</p> Reference
view 1st Combat Aviation Company <p>The 1st Aviation Company - known as 'Hell from the Skies', was set up in a direct response to counter the new threat from the Heavenfield. </p> Reference
view 1st Field Division <p>The 'Avenging Angels' - Deployed from the Military & Scientific Research Base of Fort Caulder under Major-General Oak.</p> Reference
view 301st Artillery Company <p>Arrow Company were assigned to 12th Battalion, Task Force 'Tartaros'.</p> Reference
view 306 Company <p><strong>306<sup>th</sup> Infantry Company</strong> commanded by Captain Adam Bowen.</p> Reference
view 3rd Combat Regiment - Dragon <p>3000 Troops under Lt Colonel Boynes. Main garrison at Ft. Caulder. At the time of inception (immediately after the Battle of Maunsworth Field), the 3rd Combat Regiment consisted of a core of less than 200 troops who had actually seen action within the Reference
view Accelerator Array <p>There were at most five known Accelerator Array sites around the globe: 1 x Exile (location unknown), 2 x British (Maunsworth and Hayden Hill Research Facilities), and 3 x American (Fort Caulder, Williams' Airbase, and Devil's Rock Research Laboratory Locations
view Adam Bowen <p>Captain Adam Bowen was originally part of the US covert team lead by Carl Gutteridge, sent to hunt down Exile agents operating around the Maunsworth Research Facility.</p> Characters
view Albrecht Henschel <p>Leader of the mysterious group known as the Exiles, the self-appointed protectors of the Field. Dr. Henschel has fostered an almost messianic energy to their cause, which is only fuelled by the claustrophobic nature of their fortress, trapped in the He Characters
view Alexi <p>Alex / Alexi - Origin unknown, but served with the Russian Military as a Security Commissar, where he was assigned to an Experimental Research Facility deep in the heart of the Urals. Missing, presumed dead after an accident ended the project, Alex, or Characters
view Alison Reece <p>Officer assigned to liaise between Dr. Palmer and Commander James at the time of the sabotage of the Maunsworth Accelerator Array.</p> Characters
view Andy Robson <p>Part of the Palmer group working to unearth information after the Maunsworth shutdown.</p> Characters
view Angel Entity <p> Denizens of the Heavenfield, believed somehow related to the Demon race. </p> Creatures
view Angel Tunnels <p>Located in the heart of the ruined village close to the Maunsworth Entry-Point, the Angel tunnels were discovered by Thomas Sullivan.</p> Locations
view Anya Rossitsky <p>Head of Research at the R&D Division of Lammb Industries.</p> Characters
view Array Chamber <p>[see <a title="Accelerator Array" href="/datavault/locations/location-details/?pdb=117">Accelerator Array</a>] The Array Chamber is the very heart of Accelerator Array, where all beams converge to create the Standing-Point Field.</p> Reference
view Artillery Group Support Vehicles <p>This section focuses upon the specialised support vehicles for the Patton Artillery Gun, first used during the Battle of Maunsworth Field.</p> Vehicles
view Artillery Gun <p>The Patton Artillery Gun was developed from existing Exile designs as a stop-gap whilst research continued into more effective missile systems.</p> Weapons
view Aubrey Wilson <p>Aubrey Wilson was brought to Maunsworth from the British Intelligence Services to act as an advisor.</p> Characters
view Battle of Maunsworth Field <p>Forced together into an uneasy alliance, the British, American and Exiles fought together against the Demon army.</p> Locations
view Beyer Light SMG <p>Comprising of many parts moulded from a ceramic/polymer, the Beyer Light SMG is small, lightweight and virtually undetectable to most weapons detectors, making it an ideal covert operations weapon.</p> Weapons
view Boris <p>A veteran soldier, originally fighting for the Exiles.</p> Characters
view Brahmm Light Plasma-Thrower <p>A crude, and slow-firing weapon, the plasma-thrower uses magnetic induction to project tightly-packed slugs of plasma. Devastating at close quarters, the Brahmm soon drops off in accuracy and damage over distance.</p> Weapons
view Burnt Plateau <p>When American forces returned to the British Entry-Point after the Battle of Maunsworth Field, they set up a headquarters on high ground a little way from the dangers of the Valley and the battle plain. This site was known as Burnt Plateau.</p> Locations
view Carl Gutteridge <p>Head of a US Black Ops sent to hunt for Exile agents in and around the Maunsworth Research Facility.</p> Characters
view Carrion Eels <p>Wherever there is dead flesh in the Heavenfield, carrion eels will not be far away.</p> Creatures
view Cateye Optics <p>Prototype HF unit, to view Field-Shifting troops. Used at Ft. Caulder during Exile raids in a marginally-successful attempt to track Exile attacks on the Accelerator Array.</p> Weapons
view Colin James <p>In charge of the military contingent at the Maunsworth Research Facility, James bore the full responsibility of the impact Standing Point made upon the world. </p> Characters
view Corridor, The <p>The Corridor is the name given to the passage through the Heavenfield, taken by Exile ships en-route to the American Entry-Point at Fort Caulder.</p> Locations
view CrAB - Crewed Assault Battery <p>CrAB - Crewed Assault Battery</p> Vehicles
view Cramer Handgun <p>The Cramer .50 calibre pistol is well-deserving its nickname of the ‘Hand Cannon’. Firing High-Energy or Armour-Piercing rounds, the Cramer offers devastating fire-power at a cost of lessened accuracy and range.</p> Weapons
view Cynthia Lambert <p>Wife to Professor Keith Lambert.</p> Characters
view Dan Earl <p>Technician working for the Exiles under-cover at the Maunsworth Research Facility.</p> Characters
view Dan O'Keefe <p>A junior technician, Dan O’Keefe was on his first expedition into the Heavenfield on the day the Project was sabotaged. Assistant to Gary Starling, O’Keefe was deeply injured by the psychological trauma of the events in the Heavenfield.</p> Characters
view Dante Carparso <p>Dan Carparso, Private First-Class in the American 306th Company, stationed at Fort Caulder.</p> Characters
view Darklight <p>A strange phenomena of unknown origin. A combustible object that when burned can negate certain effects of the Heavenfield.</p> Reference
view Darren Smith <p>Darren (or 'Daz') was one of Thomas Sullivan's roommates when he was first brought in to work at the Maunsworth Facility.</p> Characters
view Dave Burns <p>Worked alongside Jonah Sanders ensuring the security of Maunsworth personnel.</p> Characters
view Dead City of Angels <p>A manifestation of the combined Maunsworth and Hayden Hill Arrays in the Heavenfield. It is believed that Thomas Sullivan’s consciousness somehow created the city as a bridge back into everyday reality.</p> Locations
view Demon Entities <p>Many of the hostile creatures encountered within the Heavenfield were either classified as 'Ghosts' (or Phantom Entities), or 'Demons' by Exile and (coincidentally) British researchers. When the U.S. Military came to make extensive research into the</p Reference
view Devil's Rock Research Laboratory <p>Devil's Rock Research Laboratory is the third Accelerator Array within the U.S.</p> Locations
view Doorway <p>Slang term used by British teams for the Entry-Point into and out of The Heavenfield [see <a title="Entry-Point" href="/datavault/glossary/glossary-details/?pdb=236">Entry-Point</a>].</p> Reference
view Dragor Millovich <p>Operating as a coordinator for cells working covertly around the Maunsworth Base, Millovich was an adept administrator, but became a liability when exposed to danger in the field.</p> Characters
view Ed Thomas <p>Senator Ed Thomas was originally George Speers' superior, duplicitous in the covert operations against the Exiles.</p> Characters
view Edmund Keeler <p>Originally a key member of the British Research on Standing Point Technologies, it is now believed that Dr. Keeler had a hand in the explosion which destroyed the Hayden Hill Facility. Thought to be lost in the accident, Keeler resurfaced in the Exile Characters
view Ekrizstina Reveshkaya <p>Part of a Kill Squad sent to assassinate members of the British Standing-Point team.</p> Characters
view Entry-Point <p>The Physical location of access to and from the Field, corresponding to the geographical location of the Standing-Point Array Chamber in the everyday world.</p> Locations
view Environment Suit <p>A protective suit, designed to protect the wearer from the harsh environment of the Heavenfield's atmosphere.</p> Reference
view Exiles <p>The Exiles are a mysterious group, dedicated to preventing the misuse of the Heavenfield.</p> Reference
view Fear Beetle <p>Hideous, scuttling red grubs, the Fear Beetles prey on the terror of victims exposed to the Heavenfield’s atmosphere, consuming their host from the inside out.</p> Creatures
view Field Beacon <p>A powerful transmitter that emits a timed pulse on a set frequency for locating other Exiles. Initially designed as an emergency beacon for Fieldships and vehicles, a portable unit is used by Exile Cells in the rare event that they need to meet up and Reference
view Field Drop <p>A violent shift in or out of the Field - dangerous, but the preferred method of attack by Exile hit squads, due to the superior element of surprise.</p> Reference
view Field Exposure - Type-A <p>Usually incurred via a suit breach, but can include any sudden exposure to the Standing-Point Field's atmosphere, Type-A exposure will invariably cause immediate psychological trauma, resulting in hallucinations and mania, alongside physical trauma and Reference
view Field Exposure - Type-B <p>Prolonged small-scale exposure to the Heavenfield's atmosphere, as is typically experienced through normal environment suit usage will have similar effects to Type-A exposure, but the severity is somewhat lessened and the subject may find the symptoms Reference
view Field Exposure - Type-C <p>With Type-C Field Exposure the subject is exposed whilst in the everyday-world to a Standing-Point Field contamination.</p> Reference
view Field Sickness <p>A general term used to describe the condition of long-term exposure to the Heavenfield.</p> Reference
view Field Transition <p>Field-Transition (also referred to as 'Field-Shifting') is the generic term associated with travelling in and out of the Heavenfield - from one state of reality to another. The most familiar method is when a body's physical structure is exposed to an U Reference
view Field Transport <p>The Transport, or Field Tractor is an Exile-design, well-suited to travelling long distances. It is used primarily as a personnel carrier, and also for towing munitions, supplies or artillery pieces.</p> Vehicles
view Field Treaty <p>After the Battle of Maunsworth Field, an attempt to calm the political tensions between America and Britain led to the signing of the Field Treaty. Under these rules there was an imediate cessation of all research and expeditions into Standing-Point te Reference
view Field Walker <p>An armoured fighting vehicle, originally of Exile design, but later put into service by the American 15th Armoured Company.</p> Vehicles
view Field-Base Alpha-9 <p>During Operation Underworld the U.S task force set up a series of defensive and observation posts, the largest of which was Field-Base Alpha-9. It is located on the edge of the ruined village and served as a forward-operating base for patrols into the Locations
view Field-Shift <p>The process of travelling in and out of the Standing-Point Field [see <a title="Field Transition" href="/datavault/glossary/glossary-details/?pdb=234">Field-Transition</a>].</p> Reference
view Field-Shift Operator <p>Exile grab-units and assassination squads employed a method of suddenly shifting out of the Heavenfield and into the everyday world to gain the element of surprise and counter their otherwise lack of military superiority (known as a 'Field Drop'). In o Reference
view Fieldship <p>Initially designed and developed by the Exiles under Dr. Henschel, the 'Cadera' class Fieldship was an American redesign, based upon ships captured during the siege of Fort Caulder's E.P.</p> Vehicles
view Final War <p>Alluded to by an Angel during the very first Exile expeditions into the Heavenfield. The entity spoke of a final struggle of humanity, which would begin in the Heavenfield, igniting human consciousness and spilling over into the everyday world. The out Reference
view Flagship <p>[see <a href="/datavault/vehicles/vehicle-details/?pdb=173">Divinity-Class Fieldship</a>]. Two enormous vessels that were gifted to the traitor Speers when he entered the Field. Originally thought to have been abandoned by the Exiles in their retreat f Reference
view Flagship - The Divinity <p>U.S Flagship, sister-ship to The Herald. Believed to have been gifted to Lt Colonel Speers by the entity Sheol.</p> Vehicles
view Flight 23 <p>A passenger aircraft destroyed by an American covert operation led by Lt Col. Speers</p> Reference
view Fort Caulder <p>Fort Caulder is the largest of the American Accelerator Arrays. Housed deep underground a purpose-built military base, Fort Caulder houses the headquarters of the 1st Field Division. This military force, under the leadership of General Oak was construc Locations
view Fortress <p>When Dr. Henschel and his group dedicated their lives to protecting the Heavenfield, they quickly realised that their only hope of success would be to use the Field itself to their advantage.</p> Locations
view Gary Starling <p>A senior member of the Standing-Point Research team. In charge of Atmospheric Analysis on the ill-fated Heavenfield expedition, he survived the trauma of those events, and later went on to oversee the decommissioning of the Maunsworth Research Facility Characters
view General Oak <p>Major-General Oak Commands the 1st Field Division garrisoned at Fort Caulder.</p> Characters
view George Benning <p>Identity used by Alexi to evade US covert team lead by Carl Gutteridge.</p> Characters
view George Speers <p>Speers was a mysterious character heading up a team from a secret American Agency, set up to gather information on Standing-Point Technologies and assess the threat it posed. Going beyond his authority, Speers abused his power in an attempt to follow h Characters
view Ghosts <p>Unknown phenomena witnessed by Saul Davisson’s ill-fated Maunsworth Expedition into the Field. Strange and horrific apparitions which seemed capable of limited interaction with their observers.</p> Creatures
view God Wars <p>A time long past, alluded to by some of the Angel and Demon entities, where cataclysmic battles were fought between the two forces to influence some small fate of a human life. It is thought that during this time both forces were shattered and scattere Reference
view Grace Palmer <p>Doctor Palmer is the chain-smoking, no-nonsense Head of the Maunsworth Research Facility. Overseeing the missions into the Field, she is responsible for the safety of all those involved in the Standing-Point Project.</p> Characters
view Great Ruins <p>The area around the Exile Fortress is a vast, sprawling ruins, home to ghosts, Cold-Ones, and other unknown terrors.</p> Locations
view Grenades - Non-Lethal <p>Gas Grenade / Smoke Canister / Emergency Flare</p> Weapons
view Hayden Hill <p>Hayden Hill is the sister-facility to Maunsworth, housing an identical Accelerator Array. It was technically the location for the first British discovery of the Standing-Point Effect, but that initial experiment was sabotaged by the Exiles, and the Fac Locations
view Heavenfield <p>The Standing-Point Field, or ‘Heavenfield’ as it has been dubbed, has cost countless lives in conflicts that have led the world to the very brink of war, and yet understanding of its reality, not to mention its very existence is still hotly contest Locations
view Heavy Anti-Aircraft Platform <p>Several adaptations of a basic heavy energy cannon. Although designated as Anti-Aircraft weapons, these towed gun carriages are just as often found engaging ground targets, though their lack of mobility and armour make them vulnerable to attack.</p> Vehicles
view Heavy Exploration Vehicle (HEV) <p>Originally designed by the Exiles for journeys deep into unexplored territories, the Heavy Exploration Vehicle (HEV) could accommodate 2 crew and 2 passengers for extended journeys of up to 3 weeks.</p> Vehicles
view Hermanne 9mm Semi-Automatic <p>The ubiquitous Hemanne has become the reliable workhorse sidearm for all major military forces. Its rugged construction from high-impact polymers and versatility make it a popular choice with special operations units. Utilising the standard 9mm parabel Weapons
view Hermanne Boynes <p>Lt Col. Hermanne Boynes is a veteran commander, tasked with leading American forces during both the Battle of Maunsworth Field and Operation Underworld.</p> Characters
view Inner Elementals <p>Creatures and phenomena outside of Angel or Demon classification.</p> Creatures
view Jake Millar <p>One of the US troops that survived the Battle of Maunsworth Field, and later went on to serve in 306th Infantry Company.</p> Characters
view James Eden <p>Security Officer at the Maunsworth Facility, complicit with Jane Honeymon in espionage.</p> Characters
view James Hyde <p>Guard at the disused Maunsworth Research Facility.</p> Characters
view Jane Honeymon <p>Honeymon had acted as Deputy-Head of Field Studies since the inception of the Standing-Point Project. It is unknown as to the length of time she was passing secrets to the American, nor for what reward.</p> Characters
view Jim Grayson <p>Originally the Head of Research at the Hayden Hill Research Facility, but drafted in to Maunsworth to take over from Dr. Grace Palmer when she was required to lead a rescue mission into the Standing-Point Field.</p> Characters
view John Dale <p>Thomas Sullivan's hideous roommate when he was first brought to Maunsworth.</p> Characters
view Jonathan Cook <p>Part of the first British science team to work on Standing-Point technologies. Killed in the explosion at Hayden Hill.</p> Characters
view Jonathan Sanders <p>Jonathan Sanders (known as ‘Jonah’), a tactical field operative for the British Military, Sanders is assigned bodyguard duty to the eccentric theoretician Thomas Sullivan.</p><p>Whilst rescuing Thomas Sullivan from a situation within the Standing-P Characters
view Keith Groves <p>Bumbling Systems Analyst working at the Maunsworth Research Facility. Killed by an explosion when he discovered Dan Earl trying to sabotage the Accelerator Array.</p> Characters
view Keith Lambert <p>One of the original Heads of Research at the outset of the Standing-Point Project.</p> Characters
view Kenneth Doone <p>Exposed to contamination from the Heavenfield.</p> Characters
view Koschei <p>Named by the Exiles after a character in Russian folklore, 'Koschei the Deathless' appears in the form of an old or skeletal man who cannot be killed.</p> Creatures
view Landing Craft <p>Front-line transport ships that carry soldiers, vehicles and munitions to the heart of the battle.</p> Vehicles
view Laszlo Sradic <p>Assigned to the Exile perimeter force attempting to prevent US troops breaking out of the Ft Caulder Entry-Point.</p> Characters
view Light Anti-Aircraft Platform <p>Several adaptations of a basic heavy energy cannon. Although designated as Anti-Aircraft weapons, these towed gun carriages are just as often found engaging ground targets, though their lack of mobility and armour make them vulnerable to attack.</p> Vehicles
view Light Rail Gun <p>Using Magnetic Induction to project a small tungsten shard, the Light Rail Gun (LRG) is a fairly weak weapon with a meagre range.</p> Weapons
view Likho <p>A generic term to describe all Heavenfield manifestations, including <a href="/datavault/creatures/creature-details/?pdb=183">Inner Elementals</a> and Outer Elementals. From the Russian meaning ‘bad luck’, Likho can range from the microscopic creat Reference
view Loadmaster - HL-31-M Heavy Lifter <p>The 'Loadmaster' Heavy Lifter can be traced back to the civilian vehicle of the same name, used in shipping ports and warehouses for loading heavy cargo.</p> Vehicles
view Major Hawking <p>Major Hawking was the officer in charge of units of the 'Special Expeditionary Force' - the British military contingent within the Heavenfield at the time of the Battle of Maunsworth Field.</p> Characters
view Margaret Hindle <p>Dr. Margaret Hindle was the Head of the Maunsworth medical facility, a part of the military presence on the base.</p> Characters
view Matt Reimar <p>Captain Reimar is Head of Internal Security at the Hayden Hill Research Facility.</p> Characters
view Maunsworth Garrison <p>Although primarily a research facility, the Maunsworth House site was a Military-funded project, and as such a small garrison of troops were stationed within the surface compound.</p> Reference
view Maunsworth House <p>Maunsworth House was an 18th century stately home, requisitioned by the British Military during the Second World War, and used as a Communications Research Centre.</p> Locations
view Maunsworth Research Facility <p>When expansion plans could no longer be contained within the Maunsworth House site, the Project moved into the next valley, leaving the Stately Home to be mothballed, where it fell into a state of disrepair.</p> Locations
view Miloslav Vladic <p>One of Dr. Henschel's military commanders, and leader of the Exile remnants from the breakout of their fortress.</p> Characters
view Miss Castle <p>Stern-faced Head Librarian at the Maunsworth Research Facility.</p> Characters
view Miss Davies <p>Assistant to Senator Ed Thomas.</p> Characters
view Mobile Missile Platform - IMP <p>The IMP Mobile Missile Platform (MMP) was an attempt by American engineers to mount various static missile launchers on to a mobile carriage.</p> Vehicles
view Mouth of God <p>Some unknown entity thought to be a combination of Angel and Demon, formed when Thomas Sullivan took the two separate creatures into him at the conclusion of the Battle of Maunsworth Field.</p> Creatures
view Murderer's House <p>On Saul Davisson's final, ill-fated expedition into the Field, the team, lost in a sandstorm stumbled across a bizarre, and horrific mirage of a family home, alone within the wasteland.</p> Locations
view MX Energy Rifle <p>The Standard issue rifle for servicemen in the Heavenfield.</p> Weapons
view Old Nick <p>'Old Nick' was the common name given to an X-Class Entity inhabiting the ruined village near to the Maunsworth Entry-Point.</p> Creatures
view Operation Underworld <p>Operation Underworld was a U.S Military Mission led by Lt Colonel Boynes, tasked with the following objectives:</p> Reference
view Otto Kandinsky <p> Otto Kandinsky was an Exile Commander, leading a squad of armoured Field-Walkers as part of the Katyusha Company during some of the heaviest fighting in the history of Heavenfield engagements. </p> Characters
view Outer Elementals <p>Creatures of the Heavenfield that are exterior to humans, as-opposed to Inner Elementals which live on or within humans.</p> Creatures
view Palmer’s Point <p>Large outcrop of rock near the Maunsworth Entry-Point. Believed to have been named by Grace Palmer as a joke.</p> Locations
view Pat Baker <p>Officer assigned to liaise (alongside Alison Reece) between Dr. Palmer and Commander James at the time of the sabotage of the Maunsworth Accelerator Array.</p> Characters
view Pattie Harvey <p>Brought in to the Standing Point team to create a pictorial record of the expeditions when photographic equipment proved incapable of withstanding the transition into the Field. Instead, Pattie, who came from a background of drawing records for archaeo Characters
view Paul Scott <p>Police Detective leading the investigation into the crash of Flight 23 over Maunsworth airspace.</p> Characters
view Paul Thomlinson <p>Part of the original team (along with Cook, Keeler and Dr. Palmer) to make the first, (recorded) creation of a Standing-Point Field.</p> Characters
view Petre <p>Part of a Kill Squad sent to assassinate members of the British Standing-Point team.</p> Characters
view Pressure Gate <p>A pressure gate is another name for a simple airlock system found in some of the structures located within the Field. One of the most rudimentary examples sealed the Angel tunnels; two iron doors protecting the inner structure from the harsh atmospher Reference
view Reece Haddam <p>Commander of troop ship transporting the 306 Company back to Ft Caulder.</p> Characters
view Room 13 <p>A safe house in a town nearby the Maunsworth Research Facility where Alexi was rescued from Carl Gutteridge and his men. Alexi was able to use Dragor Millovich's communications equipment to make contact with other Exiles, who then sent a team from the Locations
view Ruined Village <p>Strange collection of buildings not far from the Maunsworth Entry-Point, different architectures melded disconcertingly into one another.</p> Locations
view Safe Home Security <p>Safe Home Security was set up as a conduit for information to pass from covert operatives to the Exile Fortress.</p> Locations
view Sally Aimes <p>Sally Aimes worked at Maunsworth Research Facility at the beginning of the Standing-Point Project.</p> Characters
view Sample Claws <p>A mechanical exoskeleton worn by scientists over their environment suits to facilitate the lifting of heavy objects.</p> Reference
view Sasha <p>Exile Lieutenant and one of the survivors from the ruined Exile fortress.</p> Characters
view Saul Davisson <p>Head of the ill-fated expedition into the Heavenfield. Saul Davisson ran the research into Standing-Point Technologies alongside Grace Palmer until the trauma caused by the marooning of his team in the Field left him a broken man.</p> Characters
view Sentinel Post <p>During Operation Underworld the U.s troops set up observation and supply posts all around the perimeter of the Valley. Simple cylindrical towers air-lifted into place, they usually served as entry into supply stores dug into the rock below. </p><p>With Locations
view Shattered Forest <p>An unnatural forest of burnt trees around the western slopes of Palmer's Point.</p> Locations
view Sheol <p>Sheol was the name, given by the Exiles to the Demon entity that led the attacks upon their Fortress, and ultimately the Battle of Maunsworth Field.</p> Creatures
view Shift-Trauma <p>[see <a title="Transition Trauma" href="/datavault/glossary/glossary-details/?pdb=232">Transition Trauma</a>]</p> Reference
view Simon Morley <p>Adjutant to Commander James.</p> Characters
view Sniper Rifle <p>Precision-manufactured from contemporary materials, the SR-15XT ‘UMESCH’ is a formidable weapon.</p> Weapons
view Speers Entity <p>When Speers entered the Heavenfield he was gifted a Flagship by Sheol. Now symbiotically linked to that vessel, he controls the dead crew with a mass of tendrils which emanate from his shrunken form.</p> Creatures
view Spider Drone (AV-4) <p>In the early days of Soviet exploration into the Standing-Point Field, a series of drones were developed that could enter the Field and bring back samples and data.</p> Vehicles
view Stalker Drone (SV-SM-2) <p>Developed after examples of the AV-4 Exploration drones had been used during the house-clearing operations during the First Ghost Incursion..</p> Vehicles
view Standing Point <p>Standing Point is defined as a <em>"bounding Field, achieved through particle acceleration, beyond Upper Order Frequencies, where those particles transform into a new resonant state".</em></p> Reference
view Stephen Brawby <p>University-friend to Thomas Sullivan.</p> Characters
view Steve Leeson <p>Police Officer. Assistant to Detective Scott in the investigation into the crash of Flight 23 over Maunsworth.</p> Characters
view Stuart Nicks <p>Amiable and reliable, Nicks worked on the expedition team as a skilled Sample-Claw technician.</p> Characters
view Susan Moranne <p>Assistant librarian at the Maunsworth Research Facility.</p> Characters
view Swift <p>A Swift is the common term for a bipedal, flightless form of the Winged Demon.<p /> Creatures
view Tempest-Class Fieldship <p>The Tempest Ground-assault aircraft was an Exile-designed Fieldship that, although proving itself highly capable in its role, came too late into production to affect the outcome of the Exiles' struggle.</p> Vehicles
view Thomas Sullivan <p>An awkward eccentric brought in to the Maunsworth Project when the Heavenfield expedition team were trapped in the Field. Although painfully shy, he leads the academic world with his knowledge of Standing-Point theories.</p> Characters
view Transition Trauma <p>Also known as 'the bends' [see <a title="Field Transition" href="/datavault/glossary/glossary-details/?pdb=234">Field-Transition</a>].</p> Reference
view Victor Lammb <p>Head of Lammb Industries, a Multi-National Defence Contractor with a virtual monopoly on Field Technologies.</p> Characters
view War Artists <p>Due to the lack of photographic records, an attempt was made to catalogue expeditions into the Field by any means available. The earliest visual records were created by Patricia Harvey, a reference artist from an archaeological background. Her series Reference
view Williams' Airbase <p>Williams' Airbase was the second-largest of the U.S. Accelerator Arrays, and along with <a href="/datavault/locations/location-details/?pdb=219">Fort Caulder</a> and <a href="/datavault/locations/location-details/?pdb=217">Devil's Rock Research Labora Locations
view Winged Demon <p>Winged Demons are bipedal creatures thought to be related to, or mutations of the Swifts, first encountered at the Battle of Maunsworth Field.</p> Creatures
view Wraiths <p>An elite Exile fighting force, set up by Dr. Henschel to infiltrate and assassinate.</p> Reference
view Wreck of the Divinity <p>At the end of the Battle of Maunsworth Field all the military hardware of the Americans and Exiles was abandoned, as troops were evacuated back through a failing Entry-Point. The hulks of the vehicles were left to rust in the harsh atmosphere of the He Locations
view Yuri Antonov <p>Part of an Exile Kill Squad that assassinated Professor Keith Lambert.</p> Characters