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Final War


Reference Notes

Alluded to by an Angel during the very first Exile expeditions into the Heavenfield. The entity spoke of a final struggle of humanity, which would begin in the Heavenfield, igniting human consciousness and spilling over into the everyday world. The outcome of the struggle was never spoken of, except to say that it would bring about the end of the human timeline.

From the notes of Prof. G. Starling

"It is my firm belief now that the ending - this 'Final War' that the Angel spoke of is a reference to the nature of human evolution, and as such can be regarded as neither negative or positive (or in fact both, depending upon one's point of reference).

It signifies the awakening of humanity to the possibilities of the heavenfield, the ability to move outside of time, and perceive the world within the infinite.

The mind's natural linear ordering of time is a conditioned system designed to fight any threat to its perception of reality, and many people's consciousnesses are unable to accept this evolutionary step. Being stuck mid-way between time and the Heavenfield can create a nightmarish reality where the mind desperately attempts to order the chaos of a timeless, infinite world, and merely creates an alternate (time-based) reality for themselves, conjuring up whatever visions the most primitive regions of their brains can conceive. This half-world is predominantly destructive, governed by fear and obsessions.

Angels and Demons dwell in this half-world - shared focuses of intent, collective fears and hates (and sometimes hopes), manifested in a shared expression of reality. Created and fed by their 'subjectives', they can be 'objective' in both their reality and intents.

I believe that the minds capable of accepting the possibilities of the Heavenfield will find themselves (at the outcome of the Final War) evolving into new beings - creatures of pure perception, stepping beyond and outside of time, inhabiting a reality impossible to conceive from within our current thought-based (and therefore time-locked) reality.

In a way the Heaven / Hell concept will be realised, with many people trapped within a distorted, time-based reality, and others passing beyond this, disappearing into an infinite realm of pure perceptions, where the shared relationships of our entire existence will be known and experienced, at once within the briefest of moments and for all eternity..."



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