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War Artists


Reference Notes

Due to the lack of photographic records, an attempt was made to catalogue expeditions into the Field by any means available. The earliest visual records were created by Patricia Harvey, a reference artist from an archaeological background. Her series of engravings give a fascinating view of the very first expeditions by the British scientific teams. The subjects include geological diagrams, cartographic works, flora, as well as more general overviews of the research sites [see ‘Patricia Harvey’].

Later studies were made by both British and American scientific bodies using artists to record various elements of the Field. They were assigned to military companies, aiding commanders in cartography, and visualisations for reports, as well as detailed cataloguing and studies of the creatures encountered within the Field. One such artist was Lea Raines, assigned to the American 306th Air Cavalry Division. She drew many of her creature studies whilst following the troops through life-threatening situations.


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