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Battle of Maunsworth Field


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Forced together into an uneasy alliance, the British, American and Exiles fought together against the Demon army.

The Entity Sheol and her forces marched down the broad valley towards the Entry-Point (E.P), trapping the allies against the high cliffs. Speers, in his new form, headed the Demon horde, aboard his flagship the Herald.

Gargantuan creatures of every nightmarish form were herded into battle by Sheol’s lieutenants; malevolent, horrifying devils. Vastly outnumbered, the allied soldiers fought in desperate defence, and would have been overwhelmed had it not been for a force of Angels coming to their aid.

Even then, this may not have been sufficient to turn the tide, but Thomas Sullivan, in defeating Sheol, broke the will of the Demon army which fled, purposeless back into the wastes.

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