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When Dr. Henschel and his group dedicated their lives to protecting the Heavenfield, they quickly realised that their only hope of success would be to use the Field itself to their advantage.

They set about building an Accelerator Array at an unknown location (thought to be somewhere in Eastern Europe), using the Field to appropriate the necessary funds, resources and even people. It is not known on what scale the Array was built, but it is thought to be fairly modest. However, over a long period of time the Exiles built an impressive Fortress within the Field itself on the site of their Entry-Point.

Eventually, this monolithic structure housed aircraft hangars, vehicle stores, production plants, and enough habitation facilities to supply a small army. An extensive tunnel system led deep underground.

During the attempts to derail the British Standing-Point Project, internal feuds amongst the Exiles, and the eventual spiral into madness of Dr. Henschel, led to the destruction of the Fortress by an attacking horde of Demons.

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