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About the Timeline

The Timeline was originally conceived as a way for me keep track of all the events in the stories, especially where one novel overlaps another. There are various different options for viewing depending on what you want to see.

I’ve set the events to be equally spaced in the initial view. This is just for clarity, because most of the events happen very close together, and if you’re not zoomed-in it becomes hard to see what’s going on:

 The Heavenfield Timeline  The Heavenfield Timeline

If you would like to see where all the events occur in time, then click on the tools icon (a wrench in the bottom-right corner of the timeline), choose ‘spacing’ and set it to ‘Standard’ (it’s currently set to ‘equal-spacing 1’).

The Heavenfield Timeline

Use the tools panel to change the view settings.

There are lots of fun things you can do from this tools panel. You can change the view-type, so you can see each event as coloured-stories, or see their duration, and you can also zoom in and out, and filter out different categories.

 The Heavenfield Timeline  The Heavenfield Timeline

One of the things I really like is that I’ve set it up so that you can filter out the events of the different books. So if you click on the ‘more’ button on an event in the timeline, you’ll see the text and image, but there is also a tag for either ‘Otto Kandinsky’ or the ‘Heavenfield Novel’.

Clicking on one of these will fade out events that aren’t specific to that story, so you can follow the events of each particular book. I’m hoping to do this with the next novels too.

 The Heavenfield Timeline  The Heavenfield Timeline

Events are linked through to the Datavault, so you can get more in-depth information on them.

Click here to view the Datavault Timeline.

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