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Flagship - The Divinity


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Reference Notes

U.S Flagship, sister-ship to The Herald. Believed to have been gifted to Lt Colonel Speers by the entity Sheol.

A truly monstrous craft, capable of limited flight to an altitude of approximately 100 feet. The classification 'Divinity-Class' was introduced with the recovery of Lt Col Boynes' vessel, The Divinity, and after her sister ship 'The Herald' was lost to the traitor Speers.

At first the flagship was thought to have been abandoned by the Exiles as they fled from the siege of the U.S Entry-Point at Fort Caulder, but later it was realised that the craft were in fact of non-human origin.

When the two flagships were first discovered, it was found that their controls and systems were uncannily similar to some U.S. naval vessels, and Navy crew were brought in operate them. This fact caused great unrest amongst the military powers, as they suspected that the Exiles had stolen their technology information to build the craft.

Later, when it was realised that the flagships were not of Exile origin a different hypothesis was arrived at. Some in fact believed that, due to the fluid nature of the Heavenfield reality, the controls of the craft actually adapted themselves to their crew. This would explain the ease in which the Americans were able to pilot the craft, but no scientific explanation of this phenomena is as yet available.

Although slow and ponderous, the Divinity-Class are formidably-armed and armoured, and the squadron of Fieldships they carry aboard create an effective escort.

  • 4× Chandos II EX-106 30mm Gun Mounts
  • 2x Rolling Airframe NN550 Missile launchers
  • 2x Mk 41 eight-cell Firestrike Missile Launchers
  • Several MEC (Medium Energy Cannon) gun turrets

Vehicle Capacity

  • 8x MkII Cadera-Class Fieldships Internal Hangar storage + Provision for 4X External Storage on Flight Decks
  • 3x Patton Artillery Pieces + Support Vehicles
  • 4x Goliath Heavy Field Walkers
  • 8x Gazelle CrABs
  • 10x Field Transports
  • Various Utility Vehicles

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