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Initially designed and developed by the Exiles under Dr. Henschel, the 'Cadera' class Fieldship was an American redesign, based upon ships captured during the siege of Fort Caulder's E.P.

After the Battle of Maunsworth Field, an American Commission was set up to investigate the new problems facing a military force operating in completely new conditions.

Although a technological breakthrough, the new Fieldships were proving to have no small room for improvement.

The first requirement was greater offensive capabilities for their newly-formed Airborne units. The Fieldship design had been a straight reverse-engineering process of Exile technologies, done in an incredibly short time-scale, and the lack of heavy weapons and armour when dealing with large-scale Demon threats was a distinct omission.

This need for stand-off offensive systems led to the creation of the Mk II Cadera-Class craft, which added two weapons-bay housings for the newly-developed Heavy Energy Cannons. These housings are standard interchangeable pods, added at the expense of longer range capabilities (although a fuel pod can also be fitted in place of weapons systems).


Breighton A7 'Bug Buster' - Ground Assault

An up-gunned ‘Breighton Class’ fighter was developed out of demand from pilots for a solution to the ‘M-class’ Demon threat.

C-19 'Pall Bearer' Bomber-Variant

In an attempt to carry ordnance large enough to prove effective against M-class Demon targets, the passenger-bay was stripped from several standard Caderas to form the C-19 'Bomber' Variant. This allowed the Cadera to carry a much-improved payload right up to the notorious 8000lb 'sarcophagus' bomb.

With extra weapons pylons along the wing stubs the C-19, although slow and ponderous, proved able to deliver devastating firepower to the battlefield.

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