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Field Walker


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A-54 ‘Goliath’ Field-Walker

An armoured fighting vehicle, originally of Exile design, but later put into service by the American 15th Armoured Company.


The original A-40 Walker was rushed into service at the orders of Dr. Henschel, along with the prototype Fieldships. It was an effort to cope with the shifting and unpredictable terrain of the Heavenfield, but the early vehicles were plagued with bugs and design faults. Dust and sand in particular played havoc with the power-plants, until an adequate filtration system could be developed. Even so, the Walker was well-armed and armoured, able to carry a huge 80mm energy cannon, and later, on American variants, a missile pod and smoke grenades.

Due to the desperate state of the Exile defences, 14 early prototype Walkers were rushed into service, air-lifted to the defensive encirclement around the American Fort Caulder Entry-Point.

Several Walkers were lost early on due to mechanical failure, and these fell into American hands during the early skirmishes. They were in good enough condition to allow re-engineering and upgrading, which ultimately resulted in the A-54 Goliath, a formidable and reliable fighting vehicle.


  • Commander in upper right rear
  • Gunner in upper right front
  • Loader in hull left rear
  • Driver in hull left front
  • Radio operator / Gunner in hull right front


Otto Kandinsky

Otto Kandinsky was a Field-Walker Commander posted to the encirclement of the Fort Caulder EP at the time the Americans began their breakout. At only nineteen, Kandinsky was already a seasoned Commander, having fought alongside Henschel at the Battle of the Dead Plains.

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