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CrAB - Crewed Assault Battery


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LRV-16 - Gazelle - Crewed Assault Battery (CrAB)

Buoyed by the new discoveries made whilst re-engineering the captured Exile vehicles, American scientists and engineers set about trying to improve upon the design of the Goliath Field-Walker. They were to meet initially with failure, but after a complete redesign and simplification of the initial prototypes, they were to arrive at a very capable vehicle.

Moving away from the bipedal concept, the Americans created a four-limbed gun carriage, but initial problems in the weight of the power-plant led to a significant scaling down of the vehicle. Arms and armour were reduced, the turret now housing a 30mm short-pulse energy cannon. A new role, away from the heavy, front-line unit needed to be found, and the Crewed Assault Battery (or CrAB as it became affectionately known) was re-designated as the LRV-16 ‘Gazelle’ Light Reconnaissance Vehicle. This was a role that it fitted admirably, being light and manoeuvrable, but still able to lend fire support when needed.

Although a long time in development, the Gazelle has become a fine addition to the US Military fighting units.

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