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Heavy Anti-Aircraft Platform


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A heavier version of other so-called Anti-aircraft designs.

Utilising technology based upon the MX range of energy weapons, the EX, or Extended Energy-Weapons systems proved to be very popular among the American troops. They were reliable and provided a high rate-of-fire coupled with good stopping power. Though not powerful enough to bring down some of the larger demon threats, the EX weapons systems were nevertheless used in many operations within the Heavenfield.

Although fitted with a rudimentary track system, the EX units had poor manoeuvrability and speed, and needed to be towed if any great distances were to be travelled.

Crew - 10

  • 1 x officer (Captain)
  • 1 x driver / spotter
  • 1 x spotter
  • 1 x gunner
  • 6 x ammunition handlers

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