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Brahmm Light Plasma-Thrower


Weapon Name
Brahmm Light Plasma-Thrower
Rate of Fire
Weapon Description

A crude, and slow-firing weapon, the plasma-thrower uses magnetic induction to project tightly-packed slugs of plasma. Devastating at close quarters, the Brahmm soon drops off in accuracy and damage over distance.

Unstable Energy Cores are held in suspension within a Heavy-Ion matrix. The Cores are stored within a drum magazine, enabling semi-automatic operation.

Note. Tests have indicated severe radiation risks.


High Explosive

Standard Energy Emitter, creates an unstable plasma blast with limited splash damage. A very capable anti-personnel round, with some use against armour and soft-skinned creatures.


A densely-packed fused-plasma round, gives a more focused blast than the standard round. Able to penetrate all known personnel armour and some soft-skinned vehicles. Christened the ‘Bug Hunter’ by troops in the Field, this round is ideally-suited to dealing with smaller Demon threats.

‘Starburst’ Round

A Signal Flare Round used for marking targets. Burns for up to 30 seconds with a high-intensity light emission. Can also be launched into the air for illuminating darkened areas.