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PREVIEW 'Heavenfield' e-Book

PREVIEW 'Heavenfield' e-Book

The world has changed forever; we have opened the door to something which we don’t understand, and that door cannot be closed. I only hope we can change with the world.” The man had a fevered stare, and Thomas found himself mesmerised by his words, obscure as they were.

The man suddenly stiffened, as if hearing a distant noise, then leaned close to Thomas once more.

“They’re coming,” he whispered....

About the Story

The Heavenfield is a fast-paced science-fiction thriller set within a British experimental Scientific Research Facility.

When Grace Palmer and her team discover a way into a mysterious world they name the ‘Heavenfield’, they trigger a devastating chain of events. Bizarre, unexplained murders and attacks on the Project leave scientists trapped in the Field with no way to return. As their air supplies run low and their equipment starts to fail, their nightmares begin to play out before them...

Here's what some people have said about it:

"...This is one of the best podiobooks I have yet to find, thank you so much..."

"...Your books are amazing, and you and Scott Sigler have me addicted to podcasts. Your artwork and music are perfectly matched to your stories..."

"...This is awesome. I've been spreading the word, but thought you might like to know directly that I'm enjoying this tale immensely. There's just enough intrigue and you're doling out information at exactly the right pace..."

"...just wanted to say what a fantastic job you have done. Outstanding story, superior execution. Really something to be proud of..."

"...just want to say that you have an amazing story, with brilliant likable characters, unique technology and really immersive writing/podcasting style..."

"...I just wanted to say thanks for a great audiobook.The story is fantastic and the voicework brilliant too..."

"...I have listened to your pod casts like 3 times over while i work! Makes the day go by a little easier, and i absolutely can not stop thinking about this story! I can not wait to hear the rest of this!!..."

"...I simply had to write in to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying Book II of The Heavenfield. I haven’t been so excited and awaiting a new podcast in such a long time. As I’ve said in the past, I really admire your restrained style of narration, your vivid descriptions, and your subtle use of sound effects and ambience..."

About the e-Book

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