The first book of The Circle of Souls

Erebus & Maia are due to be married, Prince & Princess, loved throughout the land. But there is one within the kingdom who is jealous of their love, a terrible Witch, who will stop at nothing until she has stolen their power for her own...


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PREVIEW 'The Witch's Heart' e-Book

"The fire ensnared by mortal love,

A power as strong as any foretold,

Released when only time is broken,

Or blood is lost and life is taken,

Then the circle shall be broken,

Before true love can full unfold..."

About the Story

'The Witch's Heart' & 'The Cruel Angel' are two short stories, the first in a series of dark Fairy Tales.

Note: These stories are Not part of The Heavenfield series.

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The Witchs Heart - I G Hulme

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