LUMINA - Into the Fire by I G Hulme

AUDIOBOOK RELEASE - Episode 01 - Dreamwalkers.

The start of a brand new audiobook is now available to all Patrons!

The Luminal invasion marches on.

Ryann and Angelique are aboard the Defiance as it sets out on the long journey back to the source.

But sometimes the first steps are the hardest...


I'm really excited to be able to launch straight into the second LUMINA story, after finishing INTO THE FIRE last Week.

EDEN'S MIRROR sees Ryann and Angelique aboard the Defiance, setting out on the long and perilous journey back to the Luminal source.

I'm really pleased with how this story ended up, and I can't wait to record some more of it.

It kicks off early with some breathless action, and takes a few interesting twists and turns as the story plays out.

Hope you enjoy it!

All the best,

If you haven't checked it out already, then take a look at the LUMINA website.

You can listen to EDEN'S MIRROR here:

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