LUMINA - Into the Fire by I G Hulme

AUDIOBOOK RELEASE - Eden's Mirror - Episode 02 - Out Now!

The second audiobook episode is now available to all Patrons!

Previously... Ryann and Angelique are back aboard the Raven, scouting out a safe route for the Defiance as it begins its perilous journey back to the Luminal source.

They have barely begun, when they detect an Outlander colony ship blasting out of New Eden pursued by a security patroller.

They go to help, but to their surprise they are attacked and badly damaged by the patroller.

Forced to make a run for it, they eventually hide out in a wreck-field, just as a monstrous Luminal battleship appears...


I hope you enjoyed the start to the new story!

I really like this next part of the story, it gets a bit spooky and tense in the coming episodes - just in time for Halloween I guess! 😉

Hope you enjoy it too!

All the best,

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