LUMINA - Into the Fire by I G Hulme

AUDIOBOOK RELEASE - Eden's Mirror - Episode 07 - Now Available!

The seventh audiobook episode is now available to all Patrons!

Previously... Ryann and Angelique are chased through the ship by the killer, just as another ship docks alongside the Ibis.

The pair are surprised to discover the identity of the their unlikely saviours, and their leader, Jean-Baptiste Grande.

Grande and his crew repair the Ibis and set out for New Eden, but Ryann worries that a Luminal battleship is still somewhere close-by...


Another week down and it's time for the next episode of Eden's Mirror!

This week the action returns to New Eden as Ryann and Angelique are the 'guests' of the enigmatic Outlander, Jean-Baptiste Grande.

But just when he thinks he has enough on his plate, Ryann finds himself with his own jealousies to deal with...

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