The Diary of Otto Kandinsky


Well, it's finally here - The complete audiobook of The Diary of Otto Kandinsky is now available to everyone, for free!

Week 8 - Episodes 47,48.

It has been such an intense journey over the past three years(!), having set myself the goal of releasing the audiobook to the Patrons of the Heavenfield as I wrote the story. Trying to carry every character's storyline, motivation, and place in the timeline in my head for such a long time was a unique experience. At times I went through just the same emotions as the characters, and I hadn't quite realised what a toll it had taken on me, until I was given a little space to look back and reflect upon the journey.

But, after a good break away from writing, I can feel the pull once again, and I am excited to start work on recording the next audiobook - The Dead Man's Feast.

After listenting through the audiobook in its entirity, I am so proud of the final result. I just want to share it with the world, so that others can experience something of the drama that I felt in creating this story.

so, here it is, the complete story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

All the best,


The Diary of Otto Kandinsky

Episode 47 - The Battle for Black Hill

The Diary of Otto Kandinsky

Episode 48 - The Battle of Maunsworth Field


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The journals were first released to Patrons of the Heavenfield, as a thank you for their ongoing support.

The next audiobook release will be The Dead Man's Feast, with early availablility to Patrons.

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