LUMINA - Into the Fire by I G Hulme

AUDIOBOOK RELEASE - Episode 06 - Payback.

The latest episode of INTO THE FIRE is now available to all Patrons!

Previously... Ryann and Angelique track Mellarnne to Viridis, a system directly in the line of the Lumina invasion.

But the mysterious crime boss doesn't seem to be running for safety, and instead they follow him into the depths of an almost impenetrable nebula.

Ryann is still unsure of whether he is really trying to discover some clues as to the identity of the Ghost-Runners, or whether in reality he is driven to exact a deadly revenge upon Mellarnne...


The latest episode of the LUMINA series is an action-packed battle through an asteroid field! It's been great fun to record, and I'm looking forward to adding all the sound effects sometime in the future!

For now though, this is the narrative version, as I'm waiting to do an omnibus, soundscape version of the first four books when all the stories are complete.

Hope you enjoy the episode - stay safe.

All the best,

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