INTO THE FIRE – Now Available!

Dec 27, 2019 | Blog, eBook, LUMINA, News

The new novella is out now!


I am happy to announce that the first book of the LUMINA series is now available on Kindle Unlimited. That means that if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription you can read the story for free!

The LUMINA series is a fast-paced space saga that follows Ryann Wade in his coming of age, just as the colonised galaxy faces the threat of an imminent invasion.

A huge thank-you to everybody that pre-ordered a copy of the book or who has bought it so far.

We managed to have a really good push and I'm happy to have seen it rising up the Amazon rankings. The goal was to try and get it into the Top 100 in some of the genres, and that way it would have made the bestseller pages and hopefully got noticed a bit more.

And we almost made it!

I think it got as high as the 250's in a couple of genres, which is a really good achievement, considering that it rose up about 10,000 places!

So, we’ll just have to have another go with the next story! 😉

I am currently in the process of copying it up at the moment. It’s the second book in the LUMINA in the series, titled DEFIANCE. You can keep up to date with its progress over at the lumina website.

All the best, I G

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FREE on Amazon Unlimited!


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