The Dead Man's Feast


Week 1 - Episode 01.

Firstly, I want to thank every Patron for their continued support.

It's been a funny old year, where I've been very quiet on my updates, so thanks for sticking with me!

Even though I haven't posted much, I've still been very busy creating things, and the main tangent I went off on was to create a whole new framework for a book series titles 'The Circle of Souls'.

I'll talk about that some more in another update, but for now I just wanted to say that the audiobook for The Dead Man's Feast has now begun! I have uploaded the first episode, and will try and get another one out each Monday, exclusively for Patrons of the Heavenfield.

I recently created a narration-only version of the original Heavenfield story to upload to Audible and Scribl. I've also uploaded it to the Heavenfield website exclusively for Patrons. Simply login here to listen:

The Heavenfield Audiobook - Narration-only

I'm starting The Dead Man's Feast in the same way, and have released the first episode as narration-only. I'll try and release an episode every Monday, then, when the story is complete, I will start adding the soundscapes and release an 'enhanced' version.

These releases will be exclusive to all Patrons until the story is complete, and then I will release a version to the public.

I hope you enjoy listening to the second novel in the Heavenfield series – it's been great fun narrating it, and immersing myself in the Heavenfield world once more.

Many thanks for your ongoing support!


You can listen to The Dead Man's Feast here:

Click here to listen to The Dead Man's Feast.

The audiobook release will be available exclusively to Patrons of the Heavenfield.

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