The Dead Man's Feast Prologue Trailer

Counting down to Launch Day!

Today I've released a short trailer for The Dead Man's Feast. It's a reading of the Prologue of the story, and I've treated it as I would the audiobook version, with lots of unsettling sound effects - I hope you enjoy it!

I've had lots of people ask me about an audiobook version of the sequel in the run-up to launch day. Here's a reply I wrote recently to a wonderful reader who was enquiring about the audiobook (and came up with some fantastic ideas to help out - thanks Jennifer!):

I would absolutely LOVE to make an audiobook of The Dead Man's Feast - and I know a lot of people have asked for it.

However, at present I simply don't have the budget to buy the time necessary to produce it. But my aim over the next few months is to try and increase the reader following that the project has until I feel we can start a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds.

I've been overwhelmed by the support I've had from my readers, so I think there is every possibility that we can achieve this in the future.

To this end I'm asking all our supporters to help in any way they can to spread the word about the Heavenfield and the sequel. Just telling friends, or liking the Heavenfield Facebook page, and especially interacting with the posts (sharing especially) can have a huge effect on who gets to hear about us.

And if you do the free member signup on the Heavenfield website I'll be able to send you the occasional newsletter to keep you in the loop. I'm sure we'll get the audiobook made!

So there you have it, please help spread the word in any way you can (I know you are already doing a fantastic job, thank you!), and someday soon I'll be able to start work on recording the audiobook.

And don't forget to Pre-Order the book - not long before the offer ends!

Anyway, have a listen to the Prologue!


Many thanks!