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Format: Unlockable Website Area & Digital Artbook*
Content: Over 6000 words & around 100 images throughout 25 different Locations to explore.
Publisher: I G Hulme (18 March 2016)
Compatibility: Web browser / Mobile enabled
Downloadable Audio: No.
Notes: The Heavenfield Datavault-Locations Add-on is a comprehensive guide to all the locations found in the Heavenfield stories. Including a beautiful Digital Artbook, the add-on also provides a wealth of data in a searchable database, which gives rich bonus information to any fan of the Heavenfield.


The Datavault-Locations add-on is the first part of a massive encyclopedia of the Heavenfield world. It details all the different areas to be found in the Heavenfield novels, and provides a wealth of information, back-stories, and imagery. Whether you just enjoyed the stories and want to read a little more about the strange world they inhabit, or you are serious fan desperate to know the minutiae of the layout of Maunsworth Accelerator Array, the Datavault Apps are a fantastic and must-have resource.

Once you unlock the add-on, the standard Location entries for the Heavenfield Datavault will be replaced with much more detailed versions. As you browse the Datavault you will see extra descriptions, maps, charts and artwork, unavailable to the free version of the Datavault.


  • A 22-Page Digital Artbook packed full of stunning images of the Heavenfield Locations.
  • Previously-unseen artwork by artists and the author.
  • Maps, artwork, sketches, and diagrams.
  • A searchable database giving comprehensive details on 25 different locations.

* please note: the digital artbook is an online experience, not a physical product.


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