3 New Tracks added to The Heavenfield Soundtrack Album!

Nov 12, 2015 | Music, News, Patreon

The Heavenfield Soundtrack

New Tracks released!


a little while ago I began work on a Heavenfield Soundtrack album, after suggestions sent in from a listener who enjoyed the music (thanks Rodger!). I plan to make it available for sale in the future, but at present it is available exclusively to all $10+ Patrons as a thank-you for their ongoing support.

I released the first 5 tracks a while ago, but I've been continuing to work on it, and I've now uploaded another 3 tracks, bringing the total to eight!

The first new track is called Maia part II - Remembrance, and is from the moment in The Diary of Otto Kandinsky where Otto encounters Maia at the ruined schoolhouse and time seems to stand still.

The second is The Fortress, and as I was mixing it I had an image from the end of the Heavenfield novel, when the Demon army has overrun the base and the Exiles were forced to flee. I could imagine them looking back to see all they had worked for burning in the distance as they fled into the Field with their hopes destroyed.

The third track is Thomas' Theme, and will be familiar as the chapter interludes in the Heavenfield audiobook. I also found a piano piece I recorded almost 20 years ago that seemed to fit my picture of Thomas' solitude in The Dead Man's Feast perfectly.

I hope you enjoy the new tracks; I've also done a bit more mastering work on the previous tracks, so you may want to download those too.

You can listen to the tracks via the audio player, or download them from the soundtrack page here:

Click here to listen to the Soundtrack.

Many thanks to all Patrons of The Heavenfield.

Non-patrons can Preview the first 30 seconds of each track here.

The album is released exclusively to $10+ Patrons of the Heavenfield, as a thank you for their ongoing support.

If you are interested in supporting the Heavenfield then do check out my Patreon page. It shows all the great rewards that are available, and you can pledge from as little as $2. Every pledge directly helps me release more writing, pictures, and recordings:


Many Thanks,


please note: The album is download only, and not a physical CD, but
I will be adding downloadable artwork so that you can print off and burn your own CDs!



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