LUMINA website update

6 ship designs added!


Hi, I hope you are keeping well in these difficult times.

I've been working on a load of spaceship designs from the LUMINA stories. I think it's been a way to keep distracted as much as anything, and hopfully you can enjoy a bit of escapism with them too.

If you've read the stories, then some of the names will be familiar, such as the Vanguard Tugboat, the Patroller, and the Prison Barge.

The Katana comes into play in Book 4, so a little while to wait yet, but you may recognise The Serena, a plucky little freighter from EDEN'S MIRROR.

I'll be releasing some more ship designs over the coming weeks - hope you like them!

Check out the new Shipyard Check out the new Shipyard

Check out the new LUMINA website and visit the Shipyard:

All the best,

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